The Vistacore Group recognizes that people are its greatest asset. That is why its HR policies and practices are designed and implemented so as to bring out the best from its employees. The group's management is keenly aware that passion to serve and passion to excel is a matter of the heart and mind. Therefore our people practices are in line with motivational leadership and the concept of leading by example. The management takes care to create a conducive work environment that fosters teamwork and the optimum use of the collective creativity of all team members. This in turn translates to better and more innovative solutions and services for our customers. The work atmosphere that prevails in all the group companies is one that exudes cooperation and team spirit. In fact several team building exercises and activities are conducted regularly so that the employees' minds and bodies remain charged and refreshed. Several incentive schemes are also in place to reward and recognize good work. All this sets the tone for excellence in customer service.