The Foresight of a Visionary

Kanitkar sir

There has been an unimaginable evolution in almost all sectors in India in the past few years. The mushrooming infrastructure sector by itself has seen a massive growth. Owing to this growth many companies joined the bandwagon of opportunity in diverse sectors including infrastructure, construction, engineering and the like. With strict quality standards to be maintained, project deadlines to be met and cost limits to be adhered to few could keep up with the pace.

With his foresight Mr. Utkarsh Patil, the Managing Director, could see the road ahead. Thus the desire to fulfill a self imposed mission was initiated. A mission to deliver high quality technical support to the construction sector and to make sure that the customer gets the value for his money.

Mr. Utkarsh Patil further observed that there was also limited technical awareness in the construction industry and the decision makers often thought in a limited way when dealing with technical details. Additionally, due to technical illiteracy, the customers and promoters misunderstood the difference between cost optimization and good quality on one hand and cost saving on the other. Needless to say the consequences were hazardous. To avert such consequences, Vistacore was founded.

This was the genesis of a technically sound project management consultancy in 2002. Vistacore initially catered to the small and medium scale promoters. Over time it has successfully widened its horizon. The company diversified with the setting up of Vistacore Infraprojects whose objective is - timely execution of infrastructure projects adhering to quality and cost parameters. Recent addition to the group has been Vistacore Lifespace, a highly responsive and intelligent entity to cater to the lifestyle needs of an ambitious and upwardly mobile class of young professionals. For the Vistacore Group the future beckons with hope and promise, all due the vision of one man

- Mr. Utkarsh Patil
Chairman & Managing Director
Vistacore Group of Companies

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