Employee Testimonials


Nitin Athavle

"I am comparatively new in the organization but nevertheless everyone is very supportive and encouraging. Even if I commit a mistake my seniors teach me how to look at the positive side and learn from the mistakes. I really enjoy working here."

Rashmi Parajnape

"There is evidence of company pride and loyalty. People know where they stand with their supervisors. While our performance is recognized and rewarded periodically, our ideas are valued and creativity is encouraged. Another thing that I like is that fun and laughter are valued."

Dattatray Kshirsagar

"This is an excellent company. The management is very supportive and gives us a lot of freedom to perform our jobs properly. Whenever we have a doubt or difficulty, the seniors help us and we are able to solve the problems. There is a lot of cooperation among the staff. We feel as if we are part of one large family. I am very happy to work in Vistacore."